Luna Negra

"Black Moon"

Jewellery designed by Vancouver designer/artist, Vanessa Bogaert.

My Story

Luna Negra means, “black moon” in Spanish.

Vancouver-raised designer/artist, Vanessa Bogaert, opted for a Spanish name as she is closely connected to her mother’s Colombian roots.  Vanessa chose Luna Negra as it is part of her astrological chart and she views it as a symbol of universal connectivity, which she believes we all share.

The “Brewery Jewellery” line pays homage to the burgeoning craft brew industry in Vancouver, and around the world.  Grateful for the privilege of living in close proximity to a myriad of local breweries, Vanessa was inspired to adorn those who love craft beer and cider as much as she does.  Her line of brewery jewellery was born from her identifying with the values and culture she observes with the people involved in the world of craft brew, including the sense of community, collaboration and camaraderie.  Spending most of her childhood summers working on a family vegetable farm, Vanessa appreciates the parallels of hard work that brew masters and farmers alike are put forth (physical labour, long hours, and great care) so we can do what humans do: eat, drink and be merry.  Most recently, thanks to a kindred spirit, who works for Lonetree Cider, Vanessa was inspired to create the Apple-on-Barrel.

Each piece of the Brewery Jewellery line is lovingly hand crafted by Vanessa.  After completing the 2-year Jewellery Art & Design diploma program at Vancouver Community College in 2004, she decided to return to the mineral exploration industry (rocks + beer = fun).  With a renewed sense of fervour, Vanessa is thrilled to finally launch her first line since graduating.  Techniques involve traditional lost wax casting, soldering, beading, and leatherwork.  Materials include (but are not limited to…life needs not limitations!) gold, sterling silver, copper, brass, leather, and beads: lava stone, onyx, obsidian, tiger’s eye, magnesite and sandalwood.