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Each piece is unique, just like you!  Please connect to discuss specific characteristics of your order or for any questions you may have.

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FAQ & Care Instructions

Q: Do you make all of the jewellery yourself?

A: Yes. I handcraft all of my pieces. Because of this and the nature of the natural beads, each piece is unique, just like the all of us. I put forth intentions of good energy while making each piece, in order to transfer it to the wearer.

Q: How do you make the hop beads?

A: I use the ancient lost wax casting technique, then hand drill and clean the cast.

Q: How long will my bracelet last? Care instructions?

A: The bracelets are strung on a very high-quality nylon. Eventually, as with all nylon bracelets, the string will break down, due to sweat, the acidity of the skin, and environmental factors.

For this reason….

Care for your bracelet by:
Avoiding wearing it in the ocean or shower. Rinse with cool water after a hard day’s work (translation: perspiration). Also, roll the bracelet when putting it on. Avoid overstretching it. Doing this will preserve the longevity.